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Australia's #1 mortgage broker

As voted by The Adviser.

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✅ Expert property advice you can rely on.

✅ Chosen by a brand you can trust.

✅ From first homes to investors.

Why I chose Blusk

On behalf of Rask, I — Owen Rask — am so proud to be a long-term partner with Blusk (formerly, Wealthful), a leading Australian mortgage broking business. 

For me, choosing a partner to trust is incredibly tricky. However, having been a client of Chris and Ben’s business myself, launching the free Property 101 course with Chris and Amy Lunardi, and working together with Chris on countless podcasts and education, I’m so excited to be entering this partnership for the Rask community. 

Thanks to the support of Chris from Blusk, Rask has enrolled 4,000+ students into our free property course

It’s through partnerships like these, Rask is able to reinvest back into our education platform and help every Aussie. For so many generations, access to high quality financial education was too exclusive or too costly (or it was just flat-out marketing). 

Through our referral partnership with Blusk, Rask will be able to reach tens of thousands of more Australians while enabling you to get expert property and mortgage broking advice from the team I trust.

By choosing to use Blusk and successfully applying for a mortgage, you will provide the fuel for Rask to reach more Australians with education, no matter what their family or financial situation. All referral fees paid to The Rask Group will be fully disclosed in the documentation provided to you by Blusk.

Thank you for your support and good luck with your journey.

I think you’re in good hands,

Owen Rask

Say g'day to Chris, Australia's #1 mortgage broker

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✅ Expert mortgage broking advice
✅ Voted Australia’s mortgage broker of the year by The Adviser
✅ Specifically tailored to your goals, needs & objectives
✅ Property strategy, offered by Australian experts
✅ Suitable for business owners & Australians
✅ Exclusive services designed for couples, families or individuals
✅ Trusted advice so you can do the more important stuff in life.

Meet the team

Chris started as a Financial Adviser back in 2007 just before the GFC in the UK. After four years working with High Net Worth Investors, he returned to Australia to work with young families and since 2012 his clients have only been young families in their 30s and 40s.

Chris co-hosts The Australian Property Podcast with Owen Rask, Pete Wargent and Amy Lunardi.

“Gio” is an experienced mortgage Broker at Blusk, who specialises in empowering professionals and young families to achieve their financial goals by making the right property & finance decisions.

When you work with Blusk through Rask, chances are, Gio will be your field guide and explain the entire process, end to end. Use our automated form, above, to book a call directly with Gio!

Ben started in Financial Services back in 2010 and worked with Chris all the way back in 2011. After successfully growing his own outsource para-planning business to over 20 staff and completing 1,500 financial plans per year, he looked to his next challenge.

Owen Raszkiewicz is a husband, brother, son and parent of two pets. When he is not doing that, he is the Founder of Rask and lead Investment Analyst for Rask Core, Rask’s members-only share research service. 

While Owen is not a provider of credit advice he is extremely passionate about helping families achieve the best outcomes in property and along their overall wealth journey. 

Prior to founding Rask, Owen was an investment analyst at the regarded managed funds research business Zenith Investment Partners and a Writer/Analyst for The Motley Fool Australia.

Owen hosts or co-hosts three weekly podcast series: The Australian Investors Podcast , The Australian Finance Podcast and The Australian Business Podcast. Rask podcasts are regularly ranked in Australia’s Top 10 Business Podcasts — and have achieved over 8 million downloads (and growing, crazy fast). The podcasts attract thousands of listeners each day.

Owen also founded Rask Media & Best ETFs, free investment news and research websites that attract more than 150,000 unique investor readers.

Owen teaches the Value Investor Program for Rask Education. Rask Education’s mission is to enrol 100,000 students in its free finance courses. Help us out by sharing them with your friends or family!

Owen regularly speaks to audiences throughout Australia, including via Rask’s very own finance and investor events, financial literacy programs for employers, financial planning conferences, professional investment clubs, student organisations, sophisticated investor events and more.

Owen’s formal qualifications:

  • Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional
  • Master of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional
  • Bachelor of Technology (Information Systems) from Swinburne University of Technology
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (RG146)
  • Diploma of Mortgage Broking Management
  • Successful completion of level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program
  • (Perhaps most importantly) he also has a certificate of completion for Rask Education’s Value Investor Program… do you?

You can follow Owen on Twitter or Instagram.

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