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Rask Australia

Rask Australia is a homegrown source of podcasts, courses, tutorials and financial education, serving tens of thousands of Aussies every week! Founded in Melbourne in 2017 our mission simple: empower Aussies and Kiwis to invest their time and money better. Join thousands of Aussies and Kiwis by enrolling in one of our free finance, valuation, ETF, investing, budgeting or property courses on Rask Education today.
Australian Finance Podcast
Rask Australia

📈 Share investing checklist (ASX & US companies)

In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate Campbell and Owen Rask run you through a high level version of our share investing checklist that you can use while researching both Australian and US companies.

ASX Growth Shares
Rask Australia

🏋️ Fantastic moats (and where to find them)

In this Investor Bootcamp episode on The Australian Investors Podcast, Owen Rask dives deep into finding, identifying and researching a company’s competitive advantage, otherwise known as “moat”.