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Investing in a recession, getting a car loan at 18 & the power of $5 (Investing Q&A)

Should you pay off debt, build your emergency fund or invest first? Kate Campbell & Owen Rask answer your questions on the Australian Finance Podcast.

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Should you pay off debt, build your emergency fund or invest first?

Kate Campbell and Owen Rask answer YOUR questions on this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast. We discuss investing in a recession, getting a car loan at 18, how to invest with just $5 and the investments that taught us the most.

👀 Listener questions

Car loans  → Pinky with no Brain

“The day I turned 18, I applied for a $15,000 car loan over 7 years at 11% interest. I was earning barely $400 per week, and after 3 years, I sold it for exactly half of what I paid, which didn’t even cover the outstanding balance. I still consider it to be the worst decision I ever made.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of doing something similar today?”

What to do first? → Investment Noob

New to the pod, recently more or less having to start again with finances, i want to build up a emergency fund, normal savings and invest in some ETFs, what would be the best way to split up my extra income between these 3 buckets?

Compounding with beer → Thee Hopoate

I’ve started recycling my beer stubbies (10 cents each) and want to be able to add that money straight to my shares account. The Vanguard App doesn’t allow transfers under $200. Is there a similar ETF you could recommend that will allow transfers of $2 to $5 transactions?

  • Small bits, lots of time → power of small amounts

Is the sky falling? ⇒ Chicken Little 🐥

If I believe there will be a recession in the next 3 to 6 months but have a large sum to invest, is it better to invest now, time the market, or dollar cost average over 12mths?

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