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Money market, also known as the short-term financial market, is a market where short-term credit instruments circulate.

These instruments include Treasury bills, interbank lending, commercial paper, bank acceptance bills, and negotiable certificates of deposit. Due to their short maturity, high liquidity, and strong convertibility, these short-term financial instruments are often referred to as quasi-money.

Therefore, the money market is typically a short-term financial market (within one year) that utilizes short-term debt instruments and focuses on liquidity.

For example, one commonly seen element in the money market is the interbank lending rate, which represents the interest rate at which financial institutions lend funds to each other within the same industry.

What is interbank lending?

Interbank lending is a type of short-term borrowing and lending between banks, characterized by quick borrowing and repayment. When a commercial bank faces a shortage of funds, it may borrow money from other banks to meet short-term liquidity needs.

For instance, imagine there is a highly creditworthy major client who approaches a bank for a loan, offering a high-interest rate and intending to repay it in a few days. The bank may lend a portion of its funds to generate income. In this case, interbank lending serves as the fastest solution. The borrowing period is short, and the risk is low.

However, interbank lending is just one scenario within the money market. Everyday instruments such as money market funds and Treasury bills are also part of the money market.

Additionally, there are two main characteristics of the money market that you should know:

1.Short financing period, high liquidity, and low risk

The money market is a market for short-term fund transactions, with financing periods ranging from as short as one day to no longer than one year, with the most commonly used periods being 3 to 6 months.

Due to the short financing period, financial instruments in the money market can be quickly converted to cash, providing the market with high liquidity. Because of the short term and high liquidity, prices of money market instruments do not experience significant fluctuations, resulting in relatively low risk.

Moreover, the issuers of money market instruments are primarily governments, commercial banks, and large companies with high credit ratings, which further reduces credit risk.

2.Participation mainly by institutional investors

Given the large transaction volumes and fast turnover in the money market, it is challenging for individual investors to participate.

Therefore, institutional investors are the primary participants in the money market. Institutional investors possess investment expertise and a deep understanding of the business, enabling them to profit from large transactions and rapidly changing market conditions.

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