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The 3 BIGGEST money emotions, uncovering your financial story and the money personality quiz

What was life like for you growing up in relation to money? Fear, guilt and shame are the three most common emotions surrounding money, says money coach and former financial adviser Karen Eley.

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What was life like for you growing up in relation to money?

Fear, guilt and shame are the three most common emotions surrounding money says money coach and former financial adviser Karen Eley. On this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate Campbell chats to Karen about our money mindset and how that impacts our relationship with money today.

✅ Ask yourself this question: What are the three most significant money memories from your childhood? What did you learn from these, and how are they impacting your relationship with money today?

👩🏼‍💻 Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • What is a money coach, and how are they different from a financial adviser
  • Brief explanation of how neuroscience informs us of how the brain reacts to finance/money. 
  • How our financial narrative (or story) is formed between the ages of 2-12 greatly impacts how we are with money today. 
  • Why knowing your Money Story is important: Share real-life practical stories of clients I’ve worked with and the challenges they overcome
  • Practical steps listeners can use to help uncover the mindset blocks that are holding them back
    • and show up as over-vigilance, avoidance, overspending, over analysing, high risk-taking, guilt around spending, lack of confidence, resentment, scarcity mindset– the list goes on …..
  • Discuss the 8 Money Types (kind of like Myers Briggs test for your money) – which become teachers for our money strengths and challenges 
  •  Why financial literacy/knowledge alone, is not the answer to changing our money habits

👀 About Karen Eley

Money Coach. Former Financial Adviser. Morning Person. Reformed shoe addict. Mum of boys.

Karen Eley is a certified Money Coach with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services and as a Financial Adviser. Before going out on her own, she worked her way up to being a partner at a top financial planning firm in Adelaide – a position she held for over a decade.

Now, through her business, Women Talking Finance, she helps other women to be confident and knowledgeable about all things finance. Karen practises what she preaches too, having invested in shares, managed funds and property. She has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and two Diplomas in Financial Planning.

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