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David Bassanese

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David Bassanese writes about macroeconomics and markets specialising in debt, derivatives and monetary policy. He worked at the federal Treasury, OECD and Macquarie Bank and is the author of The Australian ETF Guide.

Betashares is a leading Australian fund manager specialising in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other funds traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Since launching our first ETF in 2010, Betashares has grown to become one of Australia’s largest managers of ETFs. Serving hundreds of thousands of Australian investors, Betashares offers cost-effective, simple and liquid access to the broadest range of ETF investment solutions available on the ASX, covering almost every asset class and investment strategy. As of July 2023, Betashares manages over $28 billion in assets across 81 funds.

Betashares is guided by our core principles: simplicity, cost-effectiveness and transparency. Betashares’ investment philosophy is to deliver long-term value to investors, via:

  1. Low investment costs – reducing the cost of investing is one of the most direct and certain ways to improve investment outcomes
  2. Effective passive investment funds – funds tracking custom indices have been designed with thought given to return, liquidity and risk, providing effective exposure
    to a given asset class
  3. Exposure to ‘Smart beta’ and factor investment strategies – these target the alpha premium that active managers seek to exploit, but with lower fees.

By delivering on our investment philosophy, we are well positioned to help investors achieve their long-term investment goals.

David Bassanese's latest insights

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