ASX ETF Investor Update, ft. Betashares’ Ilan Israelstam (Mar 2020)

With the S&P/ASX 200 (INDEXASX: XJO) and Australian share market down in 2020, Rask Australia’s Owen Raszkiewicz sat down for an ETF Investor update with BetaShares’ Co-founder Ilan Israelstam.

If you’ve ever wondered how the BetaShares BEAR ETF (ASX: BEAR) works, this is the video updaet for you.

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ASX ETF Investor Update Video

Topics covered:

  • What the share market fall means to ETF investors specifically
  • Inverse ASX ETFs explained, including BBUS U.S Equities Strong Bear ETF (ASX: BBUS), BetaShares Bear Hedge Fund ETF (ASX: BEAR) and BBOZ Australian Equities Strong Bear ETF (ASX: BBOZ).
  • The credit market and how ETFs are fairing (e.g. QPON)
  • Whether to trade or be a long-term investor in credit ETFs
  • How to prepare yourself and your ETF portfolio for a market crash

Owen also asks:

  • What happens when an ETF closes? We’ve witnessed six ETFs announce closures this month.
  • Are ETF prices being severely impacted by share market falls?
  • When and how is the best time and way to make an order for ETFs during the ASX’s trading session?

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