Finance Podcast: How To Get A Pay Rise

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How do you get a pay rise from your boss? What should you say? How should you act?

This episode of The Australian Finance Podcast talks pay rises and earning more.

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Is This You?

If you didn’t negotiate your last salary or haven’t asked for a raise in a while, you probably used one of these excuses:

  • The timing just isn’t good right now
  • I work for the government, so I can’t really negotiate
  • This is my first job, so I don’t want to ask for more and lose the offer
  • The thought of negotiation makes me anxious… I don’t know what to say
  • The economy is terrible. My company is struggling.
  • If I just work harder, my boss will notice me.

Here’s The Reality

Companies rarely approach you with their best offer, and they’ll probably have a scale that they can negotiate between. If you don’t ask for the higher amount it means more savings to them.

Working harder isn’t enough to get most of us a raise – we have to ask for it.

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