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Australia’s premiere investment show. LIVE & FREE.

Rask LIVE is a weekly LIVE investing show, streamed to YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter/X & Facebook

LIVE at 6pm every Wednesday

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Owen “Rask” Raszkiewicz is the Founder of Rask and Chief Investment Officer for Rask Core 🌏 and Rask Invest. Owen is the host or co-host of four top podcast series, attracting 180,000+ listeners. Owen also founded Rask Media, Best ETFs and Rask Education. “Before work hours”, Owen spends his time running the Owen Rask business coaching and consulting company, having a coffee with his wife and/or feeding the chooks. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Finance, a Master’s degree in Financial Planning and a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. Crazy, we know, but he’s also attempting to complete an MBA.

Rask LIVE is a weekly LIVE investing show, hosted by Owen Rask, and streamed every Wednesday at 6pm (eastern time) to YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter/X & Facebook. Join us live to chat with Australia’s investing experts, covering ASX shares, ETFs and funds, property & business.

Every week, Rask LIVE is accessible to 200,000+ investors LIVE. You can join Rask LIVE as it happens, or on replay, on any of the following channels: 

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