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Harvey Norman (ASX:HVN) is a REIT in retail clothing, Xero’s latent pricing power & HELP my student debt is going up 7%

Australian Investors Podcast hosts Owen Rask and Drew Meredith, CFP answer your questions on Xero (ASX:XRO)'s next leg of growth and whether Harvey Norman (ASX: HVN) is resilient.

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On The Australian Investors Podcast2 Sense‘ this week, your hosts analyst Owen Rask and financial planner Drew Meredith, CFP answer your questions on how to study management teams, Xero’s next leg of growth, whether Harvey Norman (ASX: HVN) is resilient (it’s not), and building a Core portfolio for less.

The Australian Investors Podcast, Australia’s best investing podcast for professionals and private investors, is back for “2 sense”, hosted by investment analyst Owen Rask and financial planner Drew Meredith, CFP (AKA Andrew Deremith). Join 58,000 investors who listen regularly.

This week’s winner 🏆 of our ‘best questioner name’ is “Bo-something” who asked about a directionless Super portfolio.

Here are some of the investing questions we attempted to cover

Aussie in Da’Nile (river) Hi, love the pod. I’m an Aussie but have been living out of Oz in Asia and Africa for the last 15 years. Lately I’ve been getting my finances in order and sending back savings back to oz to invest in some ETFs and stocks – your podcast’s been most helpful on this journey! I’ve recently discovered that I have about $4000 in super earned when I lived in Australia, that was sent to the ATO due to my inactive account with less than required $6000. Even though it’s not that much, I don’t like the idea of it just sitting there, not compounding, until I come back to Oz, which could be decades away. Although generally I’m not interested in super and prefer investing directly, is there a way I can access these funds to put into an index fund through a super provider – perhaps by opening a new super account with a bit of my other savings and then transferring the ATO ammount over? Not sure if this is possible? Is there any value in having an active super account and occasionally putting a little bit in, even though I’m not an Australian resident for tax purposes? Perhaps for insurance?
Bo Tompickergets-Smellyfinger Hi Owen & Drew,

I’m revisiting my long dormant and directionless share portfolio. I wish to rejig this to a broader growth portfolio (>10yrs) of mainly ETFs, and including some bond ETFs to enable opportunistic buys when the next epidemic/ energy crisis etc hits.

I am a bit uncertain of where to draw the line with management ratios of the more risky ETFs eg battery minerals or thematics. Surely these would only be a small fraction of even a growth portfolio?

Please discuss.

Thanks, Bo

Hugh Jass What are your thoughts on the resilience of Harvey Norman, Jb hi fi, good guys etc? Harvey Norman seems to be significantly undervalued, would this be a concern?
Dizzisquid I heard a comment that USA doesnt need iron ore because it recycles its steel. Can you explain this to me and what does this mean for the mining industries in Australia? Are there other products that can be recycled this way so that mining is reduced significantly?
Make America Great Again Hey bros looking for a bit of clarity on international funds options, what are the pros or cons of funds that are built off a greater or fewer number of underlying securities ie IVV vs VGS vs Aoris
I’ll let you restructure my ass(ets) I’ve just binged the majority of your episodes on portfolio construction and am trying to restructure my own portfolio, however don’t have the capital to deploy into some classes that have higher minimum investments. Any advice on options for growth & defensive alternatives that wouldn’t require a 15k minimum, or would you recommend the basic 60/40 type split between standard growth and defensive assets?
Meta to the moon Hi Owen & Drew! Curious as to your thoughts on the Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund? I was originally introduced to the fund by the fund manager at a conference and I’ve been taking more of an interest lately with the increased attention being paid to AI in the media. Owen, your recent emphasis on anti-fragile companies also makes this fund quite an interesting proposition as a part of my satellite.
Christopher Skase – Majorca How do you go about researching the board members and management of a company?
Dumas Trader I know this is not finanical adivse so I am asking for a friend.. As a couple in our late 40s we earn decent salarys(320k and 180k) we have about 350k left in our mortgage in a fully variable loan with about 350k in our offset account, (not paying interest in this environment is salubrious). If we decide to pull this money out of the offset and put this money to work by buying EFT or Shares, the dividend we receive after the taxman takes his cut at the highest rate would mean we might be better off to leaving our cash offsetting the mortgage. I am wondering your thought process on this. i can tell my friend


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At the time of publishing, Owen owns shares of Xero.

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