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2 sense: Woodside (WDS), Ampol (ALD), Infratil (IFT), India ETFs, Nuix, Charter Hall, becoming an analyst in Australia & more!

The Australian Investors Podcast has today launched our first question and answer session, hosted by Drew Meredith, CFP and Owen Rask - it's called "2 sense".

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The Australian Investors Podcast, Australia’s top investing podcast for professionals and private investors, has today launched our first question and answer session, hosted by Drew Meredith, CFP and Owen Rask.

We’re calling it “2 sense”.

In these very laid-back investing discussions we’ll attempt to answer all of your investing questions, including on ASX and global stocks, managed funds, ETFs, LICs or portfolio construction. That said, Drew and I will also any questions you want to throw at us:

  • Direct stock ideas
  • Macro forecasts
  • Whether it’s pronounced “finn ants” or “fine arts”
  • Funds management
  • Something business but completely unrelated
  • Financial planning
  • Whether curly moustaches make you a better investor
  • Portfolio construction for retirement
  • Drew and Owen’s private company investing
  • You name it!

Be sure to select “The Australian Investors Podcast” when it prompts you to say where you want your question answered.

If you would like Drew and Owen to cover a company on your watchlist or in your portfolio, or ask a question, use our Typeform to submit your question.

In today’s session, Drew and I (attempt to) answer (far too many questions): 

  • “Hoping to make millions” asks: “What’s up with Woodside Group (ASX: WDS)? Despite the growth after 2020, long term, it’s not shown any growth since late 2009. Is WDS still a good buy for long-term (5-10 years) investing?”
  • “Anonymous you” says “Interested in the team’s run down of Infratil ASX:IFT?”
  • “Dennis” questions “What amount should I take off the table?”  
  • “Archie” is “asking about SKN ASX?” – Archie, c’mon mate — it’s an $8m company?!
  • “Charbs” wants to know about the new BetaShares Global Royalty ETF (ASX: ROYL): “Can you please explain briefly what is the BetaShares Global Royalties ETF (ROYL), it’s going to be released soon.”
  • The “Warden Munger Buffett” is “wondering if you could cover Ampol (ASX: ALD), their 2022 report was released a few days ago and they have doubled their profits in the last year?”
  • “And” wants to know, “What website can I use to compare different companies’ Accumulated returns – both capital and income growth. I’ve seen you use it Owen on your podcast but can’t remember its name?” The answer is Morningstar’s free website, Charbs. Just Google for “Morningstar” and the name of your stock. You can use the S&P index website for total returns from the stock market as a whole (e.g. ASX 200 versus ASX 200 total return). We also chart the ASX 200 total return on our website.
  • A great question from “Connor”: “What pathway would you recommend for someone wanting to become a professional investment analyst? Specifically for someone who is looking to change professions having already studied in a non-finance field.” Here’s the link to my ‘study’, Conner: “MAppFin versus CFA in Australia
  • “Francis” wants to know about Charter Hall (and I happily handball this one to Drew): “I’d like to hear your view on CLW Charter Hall long WALE REIT.”
  • “Investing Bandit” (great name) says “advice on Aussie Broadband (ASX: ABB) reporting season. Bandit, check out Lachlan on Twitter.
  • “Stevo” (sounds real) says “Of all potentially over sold companies in the past 12 months, what are your thoughts about Nuix?” — it’s been a bit of a 🦮, Stevo. But has it turned the corner?
  • Finally, “Building wealth in silence” says what is the “best exposure to ETFs to India?” – we mention the ETF Securities India ETF (ASX: NDIA)  and BetaShares India Quality ETF (ASX: IIND) but also the India Avenue managed fund.

If you ❤️ this episode, you’ll LOVE our series. Episodes go live every Saturday at 7 am and Wednesday arvo.

We air an interview with an Australian or international investing expert every Wednesday, and Q&A every Saturday! Subscribe below 👇

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At the time of publishing, Owen or Drew may have a financial interest in some of the companies or investment products mentioned. At the time of recording & publishing, Owen did not have a position in any of the companies or products mentioned.

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