The Australian Finance Podcast is a new Australian podcast series. It’s your crash course guide to sorting out your finances, one episode at a time.

10 Episodes For Beginners… Then Some

After an introductory episode, the first 10 episodes of The Australian Finance Podcast will tackle beginner personal finance topics, such as:

  1. Banking & Budgeting
  2. Debt
  3. Building an emergency cash balance & the ins-and-outs of insurance
  4. The difference between saving and investing
  5. Investing 101 – Knowing your options
  6. Superannuation
  7. Property buying & REIT investing
  8. Index Funds, managed funds and ETFs
  9. Individual share investing
  10. Getting advice, including robo advice, financial advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers

Episode 1: Introducing The Australian Finance Podcast

Why You Should Listen

Owen Raszkiewicz, founder of The Rask Group (incl. Rask Media, Rask Finance & Rask Invest) & Kate Campbell, founder of How To Money Australia, bring you actionable information that you can put into practice today, so you can crush your money goals and set yourself up for success.

It’s not just for young people. It’s not just for rich folks. Everyone can learn something from this new series.

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