Sebastian Evans of NAOS on The Australian Investors Podcast

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Sebastian Evans is the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of NAOS asset management. He recently joined Owen on The Australian Investors Podcast.

Sebastian spends most of his time sifting through the smallest companies on the stock market and, when he finds the right opportunity, is willing to take a very big stake and hold the shares for many years.

Sebastian takes us through what he looks for in businesses and management teams, the benefits of running listed investment companies, tricks and traps for small company investing, his favourite podcasts, and we talk about passive investing in small caps.

Sebastian doesn’t like the spotlight much, we were thrilled he decided to join Owen for this chat. Considering he is in his early 30’s, his level of insight, transparency and humility is impressive.

We think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Sebastian Evans of NAOS.

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Show Notes

  • 7:00 – Sebastian first investor presentation
  • 8:30 – Lessons from the GFC
  • 13:00 – What the heck is a LIC?
  • 15:30 – Why did Sebastian start a LIC?
  • 17:40 – How does Sebastian invest? (“… we haven’t added one new stock in a year and a half”)
  • 22:30 – What does Sebastian look for in management?
  • 26:00 – Is NAOS an Activist Investor?
  • 27:00 – Why it’s important to “average up”
  • 30:00 – 5 tailwinds for ASX small caps
  • 32:00 – Are ETFs a good way to invest in small cap shares?
  • 35:00 – Do ETFs pose ‘systemic risks’ to the market?
  • 36:30 – How does NAOS go about getting an ‘edge’ and beat the market?
  • 40:00 – Which podcasts Sebastian listens to and why he started one of his own

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