Melbourne property enthusiast and eBay verified seller Dennis Hedwig had some strong words for those doubting the Bitcoin price to stage a recovery in 2019.

“I was on a blog the other day and I saw some pretty compelling technicals, etcetera,” Hedwig, 53, explains via his “secure” WeChat messaging service on a Huawei smartphone.

Rask Media’s dropbear column also understands that Hedwig is ready to challenge a table called Warren over claims it “down-ramped” the Bitcoin price earlier this year.

“Yeah, I mean, Warren Buffet thinks he knows a lot about investing and stuff, which is fine. But I know the Illuminati are out to get small crypto investors like me. I think he is completely wrong.”

Dropbear can only guess that Hedwig made a spelling mistake and was actually talking about Warren Buffett (two ‘t’s), who told CNBC’s Main Street in early 2018 that “bitcoin is headed for trouble”.

“He’s a poor, poor old man,” Hedwig explained.

Dropbear just googled to confirm that Buffett has a net worth close to $US82 billion.

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