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Melissa Browne is a three-time author, a financial adviser at The Money Barre, serial entrepreneur and shoe-loving accountant. She recently joined Owen on The Australian Investors Podcast.

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About Mel Browne

Mel is a regular on TV and a writer for Fairfax. She’s also been featured in Vogue, Cosmo and named by the AFR and Westpac in the top 100 Women of Influence.

In this episode, Owen and Mel talk about Mel’s early days, the journey from law to accounting, building businesses, writing books, financial advice and more. Mel is a speed reader, having read thousands of books before writing her own, so Owen asks her for her “must-read” finance books.

We trust you’ll enjoy this conservation with Melissa Browne of The Money Barre.

Show Notes

  • 1:30 – Language warning
  • 3:00 – where did Melissa’s passion for finance come from?
  • 7:30 – Owen is envious of accountants and Melissa gets exposure to small businesses
  • 9:30 – Mel on accounting, small business failure and when to get an accountant
  • 15:00 – Why Mel wanted to publish her first book “More Money For Shoes”
  • 18:30 – Should everyone write a blog or do a VLOG?
  • 21:30 – Melissa is child free but… owns a preschool?
  • 25:00 – Ego projects in small business
  • 30:30 – Mel’s latest book “Unf*ck your finances”
  • 32:00 – “You’re not going to make it on your own”. Why Mel was living in a sharehouse in her mid-30’s and why she needed to be so candid in her book
  • 39:30 – A 30-day “financial detox”
  • 44:30 – How Mel tells young people to invest — including paying off debt, credit cards and Afterpay — and where they want to go
  • 47:30 – Why Mel bought shares in Xero (disclosure: at the time of publishing, Owen owns them as well)
  • 51:00 – Is it ok to have debt and invest?
  • 53:00 – Mel read thousands of books before he started writing
  • 53:30 – Mel’s best books
  • 56:30 – What Mel would tell her younger self

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