Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH) has announced today what its next phase of R&D are for a totally implantable Cochlear implant.

Cochlear is one of the world’s leading hearing implant businesses.

The plan:


Cochlear has started another clinical feasibility study with 11 patients to collect data about the performance and safety of the new technology. A commercially available product will take years, but this is one of the first steps.

The idea of the new technology is that it can be used with and without an externally-worn sound processor to provide people with 24-hour hearing. It includes an implanted microphone, an implanted rechargeable battery and an implanted sound processor.

The study will be held in Australia by Associate Professor Robert Briggs, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (surgical), Professor Robert Cowan and The HEARing CRC (non-surgical).

Cochlear Chief Technology Officer Jan Janssen said: “Totally implantable cochlear implant technology is an exciting area of product development for Cochlear. 

However, we remain in the very early stages, and given the remaining technical, clinical and regulatory requirements, the technology is not expected to be commercially available for years.”

Shareholders will be hoping to hear more developments in the future, to add to the recent FY18 report showing 10% profit growth.

The Cochlear share price is up 16% over the past year according to Google Finance, despite the share price falling by 5.2% yesterday on a bad day for the whole share market.


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