Today is International Women’s Day. Each year the 8th March commemorates the movement for women’s rights.

A huge amount of positive change for women has occurred over the last century. Australia, in particular, has a good record of women’s achievement. Here are three of our favourite:

Leader Of The Country

Australia can be proud to say that we had a female Australian Prime Minister (although how it happened was a bit controversial). Nonetheless, Julia Gillard got the top spot! The United States is yet to have a female President, but Hillary Clinton came exceptionally close and actually won more votes than Donald Trump.

Richest Person In The Country

The cynical people among us would say that the rich have all the power.

In that case, Australia’s most rich (and powerful?) person is a woman. Gina Rinehart’s net worth is US$17.2 billion, if the Forbes rich list is to be believed.

Chairperson Of The Biggest Company

Other people may argue that corporations and/or banks have the most power.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA) is the country’s biggest bank and company. The Commonwealth Bank Chairman, or Chairwoman, is Catherine Livingstone.

Given these three great feats, Rask Media would love to see more women in Australian finance.

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