If you’re not following the Twitter accounts of these Aussie finance buffs, you’re doing Twitter wrong.

In 2017, more than 2.8 million Aussies used Twitter each month. So it’s fair to say it can be a tough place to find the good stuff.

If you’re new to Twitter, like we are, you don’t want to follow the bigwigs who tweet about a 0.1% movement in their grandma’s gardener’s wage or read about 10,000 different opinions on where interest rates won’t be heading in the next 12 months.

If you’re like us you want to learn something, discover a gem of a wisdom, read what a good investor is doing and interact with the person who produced the content.

Gone are the days when a finance guru (or company) can hide behind a corporate logo without any interaction with investors.

How We Picked ’em

We made it easy to follow some of Australia’s best financial thinkers. We chose them because:

  • They produce good stuff — you’ll learn something if you pay attention
  • They’re happy to share their content (blog posts, updates, podcasts, etc)
  • They can be funny (sometimes)
  • It’s very likely you haven’t heard of them

The bulk of the twitterers are investing buffs. But we’ve also included a broader selection to improve your consumption of quality financial information.

Joe Magyer, Lakehouse Capital

Joe is a small-cap portfolio manager at Lakehouse, the funds management arm of The Motley Fool Australia. In addition to his investing, he’s fantastic writer having written for the likes of Australian Financial Review and asx.com.au.

John Hempton, Bronte Capital

John is the author of the Bronte Capital blog which includes, “The sometimes eccentric views of John Hempton”. Bronte invests both long and short (betting on downwards share prices), creating a relatively unique view of investing and analysis.

Peters MacGregor

Peters MacGregor is a Sydney-based global funds management business (last time we checked they are in the same office building as Bronte). We like Peters MacGregor because they tell a story, are active on Twitter, and very transparent with investors.

Forager Funds

Like Peters Macgregor, Forager has embraced the push towards self-directed investors and everyday Aussies who simply want to understand where their money is being invested. Led by CIO Steve Johnson, Forager’s Bristlemouth blog rose to prominence following the ASX-listing disaster that was Dick Smith (and the subsequent ‘disagreement’ with the AFR’s Tony Boyd – to put it politely).

Tony Hansen, EGP Capital

Tony is a qualified CPA and often shares unique insights on Australian companies. He also brings a different style to the funds management industry because his fund does not charge a management fee. His blog is also regularly updated.

Michael Glennon, Glennon Capital

Michael is portfolio manager of Glennon Capital. He regularly produces video insights and educational videos (something we’re massive fans of here at Rask).


All Rounders

Scott Pape, Barefoot Investor

Arguably, Scott Pape is Australia’s most respected finance guru. His book has sold… who knows how many copies. Unfortunately, Pape doesn’t tweet too often. Pity. Still, we think he deserves a following.

Scott ‘The Fool’ Phillips, Motley Fool Australia

Scott Phillips is Head Of Research at The Motley Fool Australia. He’s a regular feature in The Sydney Morning Herald, on Sky Biz, Sunrise and just about any place that talks about finance.

Mr & Mrs DDU, Dividends Down Under

This is a personal finance blog run by an anonymous Aussie couple. It’s a refreshing take on the otherwise jargon-heavy world of finance. Best of all, they are proving anyone can live in one of the world’s most expensive cities with a modest income — and still save and invest.

Bronwyn, Miss Money Box

A recent discovery by the team here at Rask. Miss Money Box is a great resource for education and especially women looking to tackle their finances or move into the industry.

Pete Wargent

Pete, author and blogger, is a regular feature in Australian property circles. If you like property,  you’ll love his Twitter feed.

Liam Shorte, SMSF Coach

Ever been a trustee of an SMSF? Yeah, us neither. But if you have, Liam’s approach to this complex financial planning topic is simple: give the readers what they want. With a passion for financial education, Liam also covers the nuts and bolts of retirement, investing, tax and more. Liam has a number of industry accolades to his name.


Add Your Own

There’s simply too many witty, insightful, transparent and creative Aussie finance blogs and social media gurus for us to mention here.

But the one big problem with Twitter, Facebook and just about any social media platform is that they narrow your worldview. Think about it.

Chances are, your friends and colleagues are the people you follow. You’re surrounded by people who think the way you do and are likely to agree with you.

But as any good investor will tell you, finding people who respectfully disagree with you are much more beneficial to your investing and thinking.

Share with us your top Twitter follows in 2018 so we can share their insights with more Aussies!

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