Paying tax really grinds my gears.

But as much as I loathe paying tax, I’m 10 times happier knowing that I live in a country as great as ours.

Free medical? Check.

Free education? Check.

Emergency services? Check.

27 years without a recession? Check.

An average household income over $70k? Check.

Parma and pot for $15 on a Tuesday? Check!

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trust Kev, Julia, Malcolm, Bill or Tony or any of our pollies to invest my tax money better than I could. (that’s why I started Rask Invest).

However, I’m happy to be paying tax into a thriving democracy, where my financial success is recycled back into the communities that gave me the opportunity to get where I am.

Don’t be too proud.

I don’t like paying tax but I value what my money contributes to.

That’s why I’m always keen to push friends, family or clients towards Centrelink.

Unfortunately, many people who come to me to ask budgeting questions are too proud to admit they could receive Centrelink benefits.


In 2017, the Government estimated Aussies spent about $158.6 billion on social security and welfare. That’s about 35% of the Government’s yearly expenses.

The old attitude of, “tell ’em to pull up their socks!” doesn’t fly with me.


For starters, only 17% of welfare went to the unemployed and people with a disability. So the perception that it is only “dole bludgers” or “drop-outs” who use Centrelink is misguided and wrong in fact.

Seniors make up the biggest chunk of welfare spending, via the Government pension. They’re the people who helped shape this country and, in turn, deserve to ask for a (very modest) handout.

And are pensioners too proud to receive Centrelink?

Heck no, they need it!

If you are eligible for payments from Centrelink, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or Department of Human Services (DHS) please do yourself a favour and see if you’re eligible for a payment (I show you where to go in just a moment).

The trick is this: Don’t be too proud. Lining up in Centrelink (be prepared, it might take an hour) or going online can save you a lot of “scratch”, as my grandpa would have said.

And who doesn’t like free money?

It is estimated that the flimsy yellow Health Care Card (washing tip: don’t leave it in your jeans pocket) could be worth around $2,000 per year. When I was a uni student, the floppy piece of cardboard allowed me to go to the movies, get a discount on groceries and get a discount on power bills.

Utilities, medical, movies and a pass to the Zoo. It all adds up.

That’s why I’m about to show you how a 2 minute survey could save you money on childcare, giving birth, or something you’ve never heard of…

Get Your Hands On it

Before you think I’m talking more trash than a brother-in-law at a Sunday BBQ, here are some Centrelink payments you should know about:

  • Eligible students can receive cash for studying or while in an apprenticeship
  • Soon to be parents may receive Parental Leave Pay if you earn less than $150,000 and have a child (note: just had a kid? You might still be eligible!)
  • Dad and Partner Pay, pays you for taking two weeks off work for a child’s birth (especially good for sole traders and the self-employed)
  • There are child care benefits for parents putting their kids in care
  • And if you’re looking for work, Newstart might be able to help you out
  • If you’re in your 60’s, you might get the pension
  • Plus, there’s a Work Bonus if you’re retired but… working (some folks can earn extra cash without affecting pension payments!)

These are just a handful of the most common payments from Centrelink, in addition to many, many others.

Get an Estimate

Ok, so — like me — you like the idea of free money. Right?

The good news is if you want to see what you’re eligible for, it’ll take less than 2 minutes to fill out an anonymous online questionnaire. This is something I suggest every Rask Invest member has a crack at.

Simply do a Google search for “Centrelink Payment Finder” and get started.

The online calculator will tell you straight away if you could be eligible to apply for any payments, estimate how much it will be and how to get started.

It’s that simple.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Well done.

Join me today

Fortunately, most of us investors don’t need Centrelink benefits. Rask Invest is the service I designed for those who want to empower themselves to invest their money better, by getting expert share ideas and education, as well as loads of other great information on insurance, Super and budgeting — for a price less than a weekly parma (parme?) and a pot!

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