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Q&A: Do ETFs pay dividends, good money habits, exit strategies and FREE investing courses

In today's episode Kate & Owen are answering your questions, from whether ETFs pay dividends to how to build good money habits.

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Ready for a listener Q&A?

Kate Campbell & Owen Rask crack open the question inbox to discuss topics including:

  • Best Rask Education courses to start with
  • Getting paid dividends from ETFs
  • Using ETFs like VHY to increase your income
  • Building helpful money habits
  • Financial exit strategies


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Questions answered in this podcast

Getting started → Chad

I am currently building my emergency fund, and then on towards either saving for a house deposit or continue renting and starting investing in ETFs, is there a suggested roadmap for the free courses that can give me good fundamental knowledge while I save, that once my emergency is complete I can then seek out a financial adviser and make an informed decision for which route I go. Please and Thankyou

Getting paid → Charlie Caledonian

Do you receive the same amount of money from dividends with ETFs as you would with direct shares & are there any downsides with ETFs?

Getting more income → Kevin

I currently invest in VDHG as my only investment I am 48 and was thinking to add VHY so I can get income is this a wise move?

Small Habits → Birdy

What is something that is easy and achievable to start the financial journey, a small day to day habit?

Getting out → Sarah P

What exit strategy/ies are there? It’s all about starting, but what about the wind down or exit from, are we keeping the money in the market and leaving it to our beneficiary’s??? Haven’t heard or read anything, curious to hear what you say.

Podcast resources

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Global X ETFs, Beyond Ordinary ETFs.

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