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SAP & Intuit (INTU): 5 ways to identify high quality compounders

What makes a company like Intuit Inc (NASDAQ: INTU) or SAP SE (ETR: SAP) a game-changer for stock market investors? How can you identify these types of global compounders... in advance?

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What makes a company like Intuit Inc (NASDAQ: INTU) or SAP SE (ETR: SAP) a game-changer for stock market investors? How can you identify these types of global compounders… in advance?

Intuit stock price

Ryan Joyce is a portfolio manager at Magellan with a focus on financials and technology companies.

As part of the recent Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) Virtual Investor Summit, Ryan sat down with Owen Rask to talk about the Magellan investment process, some high quality compounders and share a list of methods to find these special breed of companies.

Topics covered with Ryan Joyce of Magellan

  1. Tell me about your role at Magellan and how you made your way into funds management?
  2. What does your investment philosophy look like?
  3. High level overview of some of the companies you invest in – opportunities you are seeing in
    the markets, how you built your investment case, their products/services and anything
    interesting. Why you have high conviction and have a place in the fund. Any themes/trends
    you are seeing.
  4. What lessons have you learnt along the way?
  5. In the current market environment, what tips can you give investors when investing for

Amongst many great investment and business lessons, Ryan Joyce also shares some ways for investors to identify moments when you may be able to buy high quality companies at good prices:

  • Inflection in structural growth
  • Inflection in earnings quality
  • Misjudgement of business quality
  • Misjudgement of earnings power
  • Misjudgement of duration of earnings growth

There’s so much to learn in this special episode of The Australian Investors Podcast.

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