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Crashing house prices, MMT = DOA, building your own ETF and more!

Owen Rask and Drew Meredith are back on The Australian Investors Podcast for 2 Sense. This week, Drew and Owen talk about falling house prices, China and emerging markets, the Hang Seng explosion and more!

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Owen Rask and Drew Meredith are back on The Australian Investors Podcast for 2 Sense. This week, Drew and Owen talk about falling house prices, China and emerging markets, the Hang Seng explosion and more!

What’s “2 sense”?

2 Sense (2C) is our (very) laid-back investing discussion session in which we attempt to answer all of your investing questions, covering ASX and global stocks, managed funds, ETFs, LICs or portfolio construction. That said, Drew and Owen will also any questions you want to throw at them:

  • Direct stock ideas
  • Macro forecasts
  • Whether it’s pronounced “finn ants” or “fine arts”
  • Funds management
  • Something business but completely unrelated
  • Financial planning
  • Whether curly moustaches make you a better investor
  • Portfolio construction for retirement
  • Drew and Owen’s private company investing
  • You name it!

Be sure to select “The Australian Investors Podcast” when it prompts you to say where you want your question answered.

🏆 The best question each week wins a free pass to Owen’s $499 Value Investor Program!

If you would like Drew and Owen to cover a company on your watchlist or in your portfolio, or ask a question, use our Typeform to submit your question.

Lots of great questions answered (in order)

Muriel Fan Is this, perhaps, a GREAT time to buy an investment property? Prices are down. Rent is increasing. IR are variable and sure to go back down. Rent seems sticky. If you can weather the relatively high IR in the short term you should, theoretically, come out the other end with a pretty positively-geared property once IR go back down?
Kentucky Bankman-Fried Is MMT now DOA? Like, if there’s ANOTHER pandemic / crazy shock in the future will governments just QE their way out of it or do you think they’d be too worried about causing inflation?
DontWorryAboutTheOldBoy Why is does no service exist that allows ANYONE to create an ETF? Like why should Andrew Deremith not be able to have his own ETF? Long ZIP + gold, short DUBBO or whatever. And other ppl could buy it, if they wanted. How fun wld that be?
lemoncello Much has been made recently of the fact that Australians have >90% short-term variable mortgages, while Americans are the opposite. Which system do you think works best in this environment, with the two feds trying to curb inflation with IR raises? Both cld have advantages and disadvantages, I suppose. The regular Australian wld probably feel the IR hikes more than the average american, which sucks, but ultimatley maybe brings inflation down quicker? etc.
The Rogue Traders Would love your thoughts on the Golden Butterfly portfolio asset allocation strategy (see the link:
Phillip Streudel the 3rd If I buy an ETF that is made up of 100% cash or 100% bonds do I pay capital gains tax when I sell it? If yes, why would I not just keep my cash in a high interest savings account? What benefits is there to cash or a bond in an ETF?
Dubber down and buy the zip…jk 🤣 Considering Australia’s emissions reduction target for 2050, how do you think this will affect Australia’s ASX mining companies from coal to oil and gas to lithium??
wounded etf investor Will the price of bond fund etfs like RCB recover as interest rates fall and/or bonds held mature are replaced with higher yielding issues?

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