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My Xero valuation, 10% in FANG, property down 15%?, NAB, FTX goes down, QUAL, bonds, Disney & more!

Get Owen Rask's Xero Limited (ASX:XRO) share price valuation as Owen & Drew tackle results from Xero, why Drew invested “10%” of his Super in the Global X FANG+ ETF (ASX: FAN& more.

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The Australian Investors Podcast, Australia’s top investing podcast for professionals and private investors is back for Q&A hosted by experienced financial planner Drew Meredith, CFP and experienced analyst Owen Rask. This segment is called 2 Sense — and it’s our super-popular new episode format.

In this episode, Owen & Drew tackle results from Xero Limited (ASX: XRO), why Drew invested “10%” of his Super in the Global X FANG+ ETF (ASX: FANG), crypto collapses, bonds and more.

We call it “2 sense”.

In these very laid-back investing discussions we’ll attempt to answer all of your investing questions, including on ASX and global stocks, managed funds, ETFs, LICs or portfolio construction. That said, Drew and Owen will also any questions you want to throw at us:

  • Direct stock ideas
  • Macro forecasts
  • Whether it’s pronounced “finn ants” or “fine arts”
  • Funds management
  • Something business but completely unrelated
  • Financial planning
  • Whether curly mustaches make you a better investor
  • Portfolio construction for retirement
  • Drew and Owen’s private company investing
  • You name it!

Be sure to select “The Australian Investors Podcast” when it prompts you to say where you want your question answered.

If you would like Drew and Owen to cover a company on your watchlist or in your portfolio, or ask a question, use our Typeform to submit your question.

List of investing topics covered this week

  • Xero Limited’s (ASX: XRO results 
  • National Australia Bank Ltd’s (ASX: NAB) results
  • Westpac Banking Corp’s (ASX: WBC) results
  • Australian property prices 
  • HIN & brokers:If I was to transfer my existing HIN sponsored shares to a second cheaper HIN sponsored broker, will my DRP and TFN selections that were added in the share registry transfer across? Anything else to be aware of?”
  • Investing for kids: ‘What would you buy?’
  • Bapcor Ltd (ASX: BAP): “Hey Rask, I enjoy your podcast and would like to hear your thoughts on BAP (Bapcor). Have things settled down since the chief executive, Darryl Abotomey was abruptly sacked? “
  • Bonds: ‘how do you actually buy them?’
  • VanEck Global Quality Shares ETF (ASX: QUAL): “Hi Owen, super thoughtful and helpful podcasts! I have heard you mention the vaneck ETF – ASX:QUAL. Do you think it will continue to outperform the MSCI World benchmark?”
  • Great question: “What two companies would you want to be a director of?”
  • Crypto: Lessons learned from FTX’s collapse

If you ❤️ this episode, you’ll LOVE our series. Episodes go live every Saturday at 7 am and Wednesday arvo.

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Podcast resources

At the time of recording, Owen owns shares of Pro Medicus and Xero.

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