The Fluence (ASX: FLC) share price is up another 3.7% today after some positive news.

In 2017, water treatment providers Emefcy and RWL merged to create Fluence Corporation. As a combined company, Fluence is attempting to solve the world’s water issues through the use of its desalination technology. Fluence is aiming to become the global leader in both centralised and decentralised water and wastewater treatment.

Fluence’s Latest Contract Win

Yesterday, water treatment business announced that it had secured a follow-on Aspiral order from Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Co Ltd with a value of more than US$3 million. Shipments are expected to begin immediately and will continue into early 2020.

This first bulk order from Kaitian for a total of 15 wastewater treatment plants is comprised of 27 Aspiral L3 units and 18 Aspiral L4 units which will collectively serve over a dozen towns and rural townships in Anhui Province in China.

This order follows the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with Kaitian in August of 2019 to satisfy the expected capacity needs of 40,000m3 per day or more through to the end of 2021.

After the successful installation of the Xeilingang project in Huoqiu County for Kaitain, this volume order will deliver a combined capacity of 8,100m3 per day of ‘Class 1A’ effluent.

Fluence Managing Director and CEO Henry Charrabe said: “Earlier this year, our partners at Kaitain were able to witness firsthand the efficient deployment and commissioning of a Fluence Aspiral project and the high quality waste water treatment of our MABR systems.

Repeat bulk orders from partners like Kaitian are a testament to the trust Fluence has gained in China and the efficacy of our Aspiral products, including quick construction, deployment and commissioning, as well as reliable ongoing performance and simple operations and maintenance. We are very pleased with the strong relationship we have been able to build with Kaitian and look forward to working on additional orders.”