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Jacob Mitchell On The Australian Investors Podcast

As part of The Australian Investors Podcast, I was lucky enough to interview global stockmarket expert Jacob Mitchell, the Founder of Antipodes Partners in Sydney, about his career and investment process.

I first met Jacob many years ago, not long after he left his prominent role as Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Platinum.

Through this conversation, I discovered that Jacob comes from a humble background and his extremely successful career in investing and business is a product of his drive to continue learning and growing as a professional.

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Antipodes Partners has grown very fast to become one of Australia’s leaders in global long-short stock market investing, with Jacob overseeing around $8.5 billion of capital at the time of recording.

Jacob and his team actively pursue short ideas as part of their unique three-dimensional quantitative and qualitative investing process. Jacob and I discuss his process in detail, recent macro events, the concept of irrational extrapolation and clustered research.

I trust you’ll enjoy this episode with Jacob Mitchell of Antipodes Partners.

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